Winter Is Coming - Is Your Business Premise Protected?



Whether your business operates from an office, a retail outlet, a manufacturing plant or something else, the premises, the content and the operation should be insured. Winter is coming and risk of flood and storm damage increases. Now is the perfect time to prepare your business, things that you could do are:

* Complete an audit of the building ensuring it is sound and able to sustain winter weather.

*Complete an audit of your current insurance cover and ensure you are covered for these risks.

When it comes to a premises audit you could undertake these yourself or engage a professional, areas to be audited can include but not be limited to:

* Placement - are you in a low lying area or flood zone?

* Glazing
* Roofing condition
* Gutters and downpipes
* Electrical systems, generators
* Fire protection system
* Storage areas
* Access areas
* Security system

* Housekeeping


And don't forget vehicle maintenance, check tyres and brakes in particular. We are able to arrange an external audit if you would like. The more you do to protect against claims the greater the chance to reduce your premiums. Call us now to learn more.

Perhaps you work from home or don't have a business, undertaking a property audit and making sure your policy is still up to date is still the right thing to do at this time of the year!


Should the worst happen and you suffer some damage your CGIB broker is here to assist with your claim from beginning to end.


Technology is distracting drivers; how can you minimise the risk to your business?

Does your business own vehicles for staff to use? You need to be aware of the risks and ensure your insurance appropriately covers vehicles and drivers.


Driver distraction is a current hot topic. Police are identifying distracted driving as a growing cause of major accidents and major insurer AAMI have announced a commitment to research funding to help tackle the issue of distracted driving since the 18th AAMI Crash Index also revealed technology distraction is escalating.


What can you do to manage driver distraction and reduce the risk to your business? Consider if your staff would benefit from a driver education and awareness program. Ensure your business has appropriate policies and procedures in place around behaviours, use of devices, vehicle maintenance etc. Review your insurance policies and ensure your disclosures are up to date.


Should you need some guidance please call your CGIB broker on 1300 764 244.


Why you should use an insurance broker in your business

A CGIB Insurance broker:

* Understands your business

* Understands your risks

* Is there to help when things go wrong

We have included a crash photo from the UK we hope you find amusing. Recent local photos are readily available on TV News or the WWW but are less funny.


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