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Building Activities

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  1. Blasting or explosives
  2. Actual excavation work or work in an existing excavation deeper than 10 metres
  3. Underground works such as tunnels, shafts, mines or galleries
  4. Road works or bridges
  5. Work north of the 25th Parallel
  6. Pipelines greater than 250 metres in length
  7. Excavation of Underground services on site (other than to install new services)
  8. Directional (horizontal) drilling or boring greater than 1 metre in diameter (other than piling / piers)
  9. Work in or around an airport or aircraft landing area or working railways or tramlines
  10. Work in oil, gas, chemical or petrochemical plants, including any work on gasline service stations
  11. Work in mining processing plants
  12. Technology which is of prototype nature
  13. Work on landfills, land which is listed on the contaminated land register or application of waste or chemical products to land
  14. Design and construct where you will provide the design
  15. National Heritage or Historic Listed
  16. Swimming pools where such works are greater than 30% of the contract value
  17. Any works in, under or over water
  18. Any works involved in the power industry
  19. Any demolition exceeding 15 metres in height or exceeding 25% of your annual turnover

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