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Professional Indemnity Insurance Quote Online Form for Building Designers and Building Professionals

Insurances for building designers, interior designers, services designers, drafting, town planners, architects, energy raters and all types of building industry designers and consultants.

Please complete the following information and submit this form to obtain a Professional Indemnity insurance quotation for your business.

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Office Insurance

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Protects you against civil liability claims for compensation arising from a breach of your professional services. To be considered where you provide a service and/or advice either for a fee or where you provide a service including advice that's deemed to be of a professional nature, and a third party may sustain a loss resulting from your acts, errors or omissions from services and/or advice.
(Subject to the insurers PDS / Policy Wording - please refer to the insurers PDS / Policy Wording for full details)

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(For amounts you become legally liable to pay as compensation for Personal injury or Property Damage as a direct result of an occurrence happening in connection with your business - subject to the Insurers PDS/Policy Wording)


Protects your business against cyber exposures that can impact your business from direct costs to your business, and claims from third parties
Costs associated with defending cyber claims are also covered.
(Subject to the insurers PDS / Policy Wording - please refer to the insurers PDS / Policy Wording for full details)

For purposes of the question, record means any record that contains personally identifiable information and/or person health information.

Please identify whether the Insured Entity uses the following critical vendors:


(Cover for office contents against loss or damage)
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All Property at the Business Premises, Belonging to You (the Insured) or for which You (the Insured) are responsible for, including;

  1. Fixtures, Fittings
  2. Machinery
  3. Plant permanently fixed to Your (the Insured) Building
  4. Documents
  5. Computer Systems
  6. Paintings, works of art
  7. Property of Your (the Insured) welfare, sports and social clubs.

RECOMMENDATIONS - Business Property (Fire & Perils)

It is essential that sums insured reflect current rebuilding and replacement costs to avoid PENALTY CLAUSES in the event of loss (Co - Insurance Clause). Adequate provision should be made for additional costs such as extra costs of reinstatement to comply with current building regulations, GST, architects fees etc.

We also recommend periodical valuations by recognised quantity and building surveyors. Changes to the Building code and Town planning requirements need to be considered as part of any review of rebuilding costs.

Commercial policies are subject to the Co-Insurance Clause.
This clause has a penalty in the event of under insurance.

For instance:
If contents are insured for $100,000 when it's true replacement value is $200,000 an insurer will only allow 50% of any claim.
Consequently in the event of a partial loss of $10,000 an insurer would only contribute $5,000.


(Covers your professional / business owned property whilst in transit or while temporarily removed from your premises)


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