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Note - a hold harmless or indemnity agreement is whereby one party assumes the liability risks of another party under contract. Your public liability policy is to cover your legal liability and no one else's, therefore claims arising from these agreements are excluded. In some circumstances, your policy can be amended to include cover for these agreements providing your Insurer can review them and agree to their content. If you sign these agreements without first referring them to your Insurer, you may not be covered in the event of a claim.
Will your require cover for liability claims arising from loss or damage to other peoples property whilst in your care, custody or control?*
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Note - the above extension only operates if you are negligent in causing the los or damage to the property in your care, custody or control. There can be situations where you have hired or burrowed other people's property, and such property is lost or damage not as a result of your negligence. However, you may still be responsible for compensating the owner for their loss. In these circumstances, it would be prudent not to rely on the above extension on it's own but also insure the hired or burrowed property under a General Property insurance policy, which will operate regardless of fault or negligence.
Have you suffered any public liability claims or have caused incidents that could give rise to a public liability claim?*
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Camping facilities available to patrons?
Motor-Sport activities or displays?
Food or Market Stalls?
Amusement Rides, Devices or Animal Rides?
Ensure that all amusement/animal ride contractors carry their own public liability insurance.
For Amusement/Devices/Animal Rides, will owners/operators of same remain in attendance with their ride/device/animal during the duration of your event?
Fireworks or Pyrotechnic Displays?
name of fireworks operator
Use of Watercraft in your Event?
Use of Aircraft in your Event?
Car parking facilities?
If yes, please advise number vehicles?
Car parking charge per vehicle?
Date of Event?
Location Where Event is to be Held?
Is the Event being held indoors or outdoors?
(For larger outdoor events, provide layout plan of the venue etc)
Is there any temporary seating structures being used?
(if yes, ensure that the contractor responsible for supplying and setting up these structures carries their own public liability insurance)
name of the Event?
Event Times?
Artists performing (if applicable)
If your event is a concert or performance, what style of music or performance is being performed?
Estimated Ticket Price?
Do you have a Risk Management Plan or Safety Procedures for your Event?
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Who will responsible for security?
(Ensure that the contracted security company carries their own public liability insurance)
Will you be serving, selling or supplying alcoholic beverages at your event?
If yes,
Who is actually selling or serving the beverages?
Do they carry their own liability insurance for this activity?
Who has signed the liquor license?
If your Event is an Exhibition or Market, provide number of stalls?
Will the stall holders or exhibitors carry their own liability insurance?
(It is recommended that you insist on all stall holders and exhibitors to carry their own public and products liability insurance)
What type of products or services do the stall holders or exhibitors sell or display at your event?


We recommend the following other insurances. Please select "yes" if you would like to receive further information;
Cancellation Insurance (Including weather & non-appearance)
Voluntary Workers Accident Insurance
Equipment (Including hired or borrowed items)
Professional Indemnity for Event Organises


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